Your Appointment

We are a busy shop and while we do our best to accommodate your preferred day and time, we advise you book in advance to secure that timeframe. We do have a waiting list for those emergency occasions!

Please note that some stipulations and appointment requests may vary from Stylist to Stylist.

Notify us of any changes to your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. Do you usually receive a color retouch but now also want to add some highlights? We want to be sure we have enough time to dedicate to your final look.

Know your appointment. Let us help educate you on what type of appointment you should be requesting when scheduling. Not sure the difference between a color retouch and highlights? Just ask.

We offer online, in-person or phone booking for your convenience.

Before You Come In

Your hair must be clean before your color appointment. 1-2 day old hair is just fine.

Adjust your phone to silenced and/or off, so we can focus on you, and for the courtesy of your relaxing neighbor.

Making a change? Bring in a photo to reference and be ready to communicate what you love about it and what you don’t. Notify us prior to your appointment so we have enough time for this discussion.

At The Salon

Please remember to silence your phone and we specifically ask you that you do not have conversations over speaker phone.

Don’t be shy, communicate with us! Every detail is important in helping us understand what you need from your service that day.

Relax your neck and head completely at the sink, we like to direct your movements so that you can enjoy the best part of your service – your head massage! Watch those toes when exiting our chairs. Foot rails are there for your comfort but can be intrusive upon exiting.

Think, statue. We love conversation but turning your head or moving abruptly during service can cause our work to be off. And we hold very sharp scissors in our hands so please, stay still!

The best position in the chair during a haircut is, butt to the back of the chair, shoulders back, facing forward, hands under your cape and legs uncrossed. This helps us achieve the perfect cut.