Sean Huntington

Sean Huntington

March – June 2015

Nemophilist : \Ne*moph”i*list\, n.
One who is fond of forest or forest scenery; a haunter of the

My work is a mixture of my obsessive interest in nature and my inborn need to create art. The texture of lichens on tree bark, the way branches curve and mingle among one another, the repetition of line in a grove of aspen or spruce; these are some of the things that fill my mind and come out in my paintings. The woods are home to me, and in this sense my work is autobiographical.

I work in watercolor and gouache (opaque watercolors) on cotton paper stretched over canvas. This allows me to work on a grand scale without the constraints of traditional framing. The negative tree shapes are created by painting on a latex resist (watercolor masking fluid) in the shape of a tree (similar to batik). After successive layers of latex and watercolor I peel back the latex revealing the tree shapes I protected underneath. The paintings are then sealed with a UV protective sealant and edged in metal. The final step is the addition of name and title plates created using a letter punch set that belonged to my grandfather.

Sean Huntington grew up in Derrick CIty Pennsylvania in the forested hills of Northern Pennsylvania. This caused a lack of social skills but created an intense interest in the natural world. He maintains a studio in Ellicottville NY in a solar powered building surrounded by the Nannen Arboretum. Most days Sean can be found there, unless on the road to one of many art festivals up and down the east coast.