Scott Bye

April – June 2018

Scott’s work, hybrid sculptural structures he creates out of a broad range of mundane found materials, is intended to activate the viewer’s imagination and encourage them to question their own existence. The object that he uses each have a set path since they have an established history and their future is determined by their usefulness.

Scott diverts the paths that merge together to rewrite the history of the individual objects. For example, a windmill attached to the top of a go-cart is undeniably a questionable combination. Such unlikely combinations raise questions and suggest new — and often surreal — inventions of reality. Reinventing how we view the world around us and how the materials that were once a part of our lives can be transformed into a narrative can spark imagination and lead us to remember and create our own paths.

In a similar, subtler way, Scott draws objects from human history in order to allow the  viewers to see themselves in a foreign structure. By obscuring the “self,” I am revealing at times a sense of insecurity as well as a freedom from the bonds of the conceived world. This allows Scott to express a sublime notion of the “true self” or childish wonderment of the world as the representation of the imagination since ultimately, we all have the abilities to determine our own destiny.