Cathleen Ryan & Jeffrey Freier

OCT 1 – JAN 3, 2016

Opening Reception October 10th 6pm – 9pm

Cathleen Ryan


Artist Statement

The balance between elegance and a whimsical flare is what I strive for during my creation process. I am interested in making pottery that combines ancient techniques and firms with a personal, modern twist. My pottery is meant to combine utility with beauty, to hold a unique place in the home. I endeavor to make pieces that serve as daily reminders of the human ability to conceive beauty from simplicity.

Cathleen’s pottery will be on display and available for purchase on Canvas Salon & Gallery’s boutique shelves throughout the holiday season. You can learn more about this young and amazingly skilled artist at her website here:

Jeffrey Freier


Artist Biography

“I sold my first painting around age 10. It was a cardinal, the state bird of both New York and Indiana. At school I would draw in class and sell them at recess for quarters which I would share with my friends at the arcade.”

I moved into Western New York in the spring of 1992. My visit here during the previous winter had convinced me that this was where I needed to settle down and start a new life. The landscape of the city of Buffalo helped me make that choice; I was in awe of the beautifully preserved historic architecture. It also helped that my now my wife, is a Buffalo native. This city reminds me of my hometown, South Bend, Indiana, where everyone loves their football team (Notre Dame), and people are friendly and generous in a way that I did not find in most of America’s cities. As much as we were in love with each other, we were in love with the city. We got married and found a home in Allentown.

It was my wife who helped me to truly believe I was an artist. I worked in the advertising and sales industry for almost 10 years and found time to make art to maintain my peace of mind. I was feeling lost in an industry where money was the only measurement of success. Through all of this I painted and I took part in my first show, The Allentown Art Festival. The people in WNY helped me rediscover the artist inside me.

I have found that the greatest joy within my 15 year career as an artist is sharing the gift I have been blessed with by teaching and inspiring students of all ages and skill levels. Because art overcomes all barriers, I particularly find joy in sharing with those that are afflicted with physical and mental challenges. My message is this: Not all of us are painters but we are all artists; all people who have the ability to dive into the current that art provides, that LOVE conquers all…

Jeffrey Freiers artwork is available for purchase and will be on exhibit until January 3rd, 2016.

Opening Reception October 10th 6pm – 9pm
Catering by The Hollow Bistro and Brew