Casey Okonczak

A 21-year-old self-taught realism artists,¬†Casey Okonczak was born in Connecticut and later moved to Buffalo, New York with her parents. That’s where her love affair with drawing and painting began after a trip to a local arts and crafts store. Crayola crayons and colored pencils were her first medum and after winning a few coloring contests, she soon move on to explore more possibilities. Year after year, she filled up her sketch pads with detailed renderings of everyday objects in her life.

Casey’s current mediums are mainly graphite pencils and acrylic paints. She specializes in recreating images from sight and turning them into works of art. Casey is committed to always representing her subject matter truthfully. Her are has matured through the years from those early drawings that filled her sketchbooks, but her loving attention to the details and nuances of her objects has remained ever constant.